Getting in touch with our springtime souls~Skipping Rock Farm…..

As winter is SLOWLY winding down and we can finally crawl out of the dreariness of the long days,  I’ve been researching some interesting places to visit, weekend retreats, one tank trips….Places to rest, rejuvenate and to get into touch with the REAL me!

This winter, I feel I’ve lost part of my soul. Not feeling like the outgoing, creative person I know I truly am and can be again.

One place I’ve discovered is Skipping Rock Farm in Granville, Ohio. Only 2 hrs SW of where I live. Skipping Rock Farm is sprawled over 6 beautiful acres. Including ponds, trees, studios for artists’ gatherings, party events….many beautiful opportunities await.  One retreat I’m particularly interested in is “A Dream Day” Retreat. A day of yoga, aromatherapy, painting and ending the day with wine tasting.

Isn’t this the most precious studio~

Check out the shabby rose plate:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I’m off to read more of Skipping Rock Farms~

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful photos!

One question for you to think about………….How do you love to rejuvenate your soul??

Blessings and Hugs,
Vintage Brocante


One thought on “Getting in touch with our springtime souls~Skipping Rock Farm…..

  1. I always have what we call spring fever as early as the day after Christmas. Honestly, after 3 mos of holidays & beautiful holiday decor. I’m so ready to slow down, get back to normal, and re-decorate. I love spring, I love mowing the grass, taking walks, and can hardly wait for everything to start blooming. Just thinking about it, planning it in my head, and starting the window shopping as the stores start putting everything out is therapy!

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