Vintage Brocante Promoting Jai’Mien Atlier!

Many good things are happening here in the Buckeye State. Aside from working my full time job, connecting with friends, scouting for shoppes to photograph for BelleInspiration Magazine……I’m in the process of a dream that I’ve had for many a year! (39 years that is, clearing my throat here).

I will be launching a small boutique called Jai’Mien Atelier. If you have a moment can you stop by my page and click the like button??? pretty please.

Here is my second piece I’m working on for a friend that owns Pieces Fine Furniture, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

A fireplace mantel with the most gorgeous details! Don’t you love the detail work?

I’m so excited in my new venture and want to thank Michelle for giving me even more inspiration!!!

This piece will be black lacquer with gold accents. Will post photos when completed!

Gee, been so long since I’ve uploaded photos here, I had forgot how!

Stay tuned for the completed project!

Much love!
Vintage Brocante


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