~Coming Home~

I can’t believe it has been 6 1/2 months since I decided to load ’em up and move ’em out~well, I should say move up (North). After getting laid off, my children and grandchildren moving to Ohio and Maryland a couple of months before, it was time for me to move on!

So, Payne and I rented a 16′ moving truck, car carrier for our Explorer…Said goodbye to the South and headed North…..

I sure would’ve like to have been able to stop to see the countryside. Driving this rig (yes, alone) I put the pedal to the medal!

Above photo is at night (duh) taken with my cell! We stayed at two Motel 6’s as they allow pets to stay overnight. Hitting the highway early every morning, it took me 2 days to drive 1168 miles….

Sure was nice to see this:

A few hours later and with no energy left or so I thought….
I was greeted by: and………

Flowers from my lifelong best friend….

So……Yes, it was worth the very long drive to come home to loved ones, lifelong friends, new and old friends….Much has happened during this time…I will share as I can as always Life Keeps Us Hopping!
Vintage Brocante


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