Are you feelin’ vintage??

Vintage just rocks~except when you see something marked as “Vintage” in the same decade that you’re born~ Oh, well that’s why my alias is Vintage (Brocante)  Grammie! Hope you like these my friends!

My sweet Momma wore these kind of bathing suits~Now that I’m older, sure wish I had some!
Betty Grable, Yes, I will take a pair of legs like that!
My newest default photo on Facebook, although I’m not a big phone talker these days!
Ann Margaret, Vintage 1960’s photo, yes, this is the year I was referring to…Now, I am Vintage, as well~
The Lovely Liz~Isn’t her gown elegant?
Elizabeth “Bewitched” Montgomery~I remember her in this very segment~
’37 High Heel mag….now TO ME 1937 is vintage, yes?
1950’s Miss Jane Mansfield
Lovely Sophia
Had to throw this in~Marilyn and Uncle Herman! Wasn’t that a good ‘clean’ show?
I remember LP’s…but check out the stockings and heels! So feminine!
Oh the good ole tunes!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend! We are off to do some celebrating ourselves!

Vintage Brocante


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