Vintage Storage Ideas

If you’re like me, I really need lots and lots of storage…So, why not make it display worthy and use items that are pretty, rustic and vintage…Here’s a few ideas for your inspiration files:

This is my own lil ole creation. A vintage suitcase display with sheetmusic and magazines. Suitcases can be stacked with our stash tucked away neatly inside them…and only we know what is truly in there!

Library file (photoshoot from Forty Three Oh3, Tampa, Florida). This is a great way to keep bit ‘n bobs, scrapbooking or sewing supplies.

The storage units below are via pinterest (we all know that site, don’t we? )…If not, you will be hooked to…Trust me!

This is a great idea for side tables.

The numbers painted on it add a real kick!

Who doesn’t love white?


Here’s the link to more storage ideas via pinterest~

What do you use for additional storage?

Til next time,
Vintage Brocante


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