Feelin’ Vintage Yet Again……

Vintage just rocks~except when you see something marked as “Vintage” in the same decade that you’re born~ Oh, well that’s why my alias is Vintage Grammie! Hope you like these my friends!

My sweet Momma wore these kind of bathing suits~Now that I’m older, sure wish I had some!

Betty Grable, Yes, I will take a pair of legs like that!

My newest default photo on Facebook, although I’m not a big phone talker these days!

Ann Margaret, Vintage 1960’s photo, yes, this is the year I was referring to…Now, I am Vintage, as well~

The Lovely Liz~Isn’t her gown elegant?

Elizabeth “Bewitched” Montgomery~I remember her in this very segment~

’37 High Heel mag….now TO ME 1937 is vintage, yes?

1950’s Miss Jane Mansfield

Lovely Sophia

Had to throw this in~Marilyn and Uncle Herman! Wasn’t that a good ‘clean’ show?

I remember LP’s…but check out the stockings and heels! So feminine!

Oh the good ole tunes!

Did you enjoy our stroll down Memory Lane??? Sure hope so!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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