My week in a Reader’s Digest Version

Hi all!! What a week this has been.~ but I’m a Proud Momma bursting at the seams! My beautiful daughter, Jen, had a birthday on July 4th and graduated from her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you know of all the trials and tribulations Jen has been through and overcome.

March 2009 she moved to Florida into my home, being six months pregnant and having to move her son here to Florida 6 months previous due to health issues. Before the Lil Gal was born she signed up for Criminal Justice program.  Well, long story short, she gave birth to Little Jaidyn another Love Of My Life. Then, proceeded to her schooling!

Lil Gal four weeks old……..

 Lil Gal and Momma on her birthday/grad day

Lil Gal with a new hair cut (by moi) and her barrettes.
Age two and she will not hesitate to tell You! 

Moving on….after Jen’s grad/bday….I have a HUGE amount of cleaning to do…Agent wants to show the house for 3 hrs. Now PAYNE

and yours truly will spend our Sunday out and about ~Digging out my sheets for the Explorer since it’s nice and clean….
It’s Never Ending, n’est pai?


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