Pretty in Pink & Vintage Loves

I just love Free People.Com. Today I was on the site and found these lovlies~Pink clothing (ofcourse) and Vintage (double of course)!

                                  Vintage dress or the Vintage Paper, not sure which I like more???

                                                                 Vast array of tie~dyed slips~

                                               girly~girl, cute on the model, but on Grammie? nope!

                                 This babydoll top  is perfect for a gal of any age, it’s just SWEET!

 1980’s vintage sheer lace dress~sounds strange to be calling the 80’s Vintage, that’s when I had my children!
                                                    ~guess they’re vintage as well! But, don’t tell them~!

Free People offers gypsy, boho, girly girl, tie dyed, romantic clothing and beautiful accessories~all photo credit go to:

Hope you’re keeping cool~weather here is in the 90’s all week~NO rain in site!
Until next time!


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