Parisian Photos-Out and About Paris-The City of Love

Although I’ve never been to Paris, I can still dream~feeling in a “romantic” mood today, I surfed for photos to share…These shall take your breath away~photo credit is posted at the bottom of this post.

                                  Hauntingly Romantic~

     Eiffel Tower , the most well-known landmark of France

   Stairs leading up to the tower’s viewing platforms.

                                    Beautiful close up view  of the tower’s ornaments~

                                  Luciously illuminating~

                                  pain aux raisins, croissant, baguette~I’m sure Mimi has tasted these! 

                                                                     The Metro
                                                   A restaurant in Paris, I love the mauve!

                                                                  Arc de Triomphe

That ladies and gents concludes our tour of Paris, I hope you enjoy…Be careful upon exiting the bus 🙂

If you’d like to view more Parisian Photos by Peter Visiontay you may find them at

Have a marvelous Monday~


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