Cath Kidston UK

Good Sunday afternoon to ya! This a.m. while the kids were still fast asleep I had a moment to myself. Cup of coffee and puter in hand. I began to search the “net”. I find some many beautiful companies with loads of pretties. Many of them are in the U.K., France or Sweden.

Today I found Cath Kidston Ltd. Her company was founded in ’92. She began with a small shop in London, selling vintage fabrics, wallpapers and painted “reloved” furniture in bright colors. Her small shop caught on to the public very fast all over the world! She is now selling in the UK, Japan and other countries.

I wanted to share some of her wares with you. Below are fabrics, furniture coverings, clothing, shoes, wellies and lovely lovely jewelry!

I love it all! I do believe the last necklace is my fav!!! It’s sew adorable! Which one is yours?

Wishing you a blessed Sunday afternoon!


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