Happy Memorial Day & Some Pretty Vintage Images

I’ve so enjoyed my 3 days off with keeping my Lil Gal, spending time with friends and family, swimming and eating too much….Pretty whooped is my ole body here as I’m sure some of my friends are! But it’s all good, right? right!

I’m just in love with Pin Interest, I found some really cool Vintage images I’d like to share with y’all and hope you enjoy as much as I do~

Love the last photo with all the last, hmmmm, project in the future perhaps~ Ole truck is a dream of mine, pepsi cirate is da bomb…I have a few of those…great for mags or pretties (rustic vs. romance vignette)….The clothes and bathing suits were so fashionable back them…Think I was born in the wrong era! Which is your fav?

That’s all for now folks!

P.S. here’s the link  http://pinterest.com/search/?q=vintage


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