A Sunny Saturday at Schiller’s Salvage with Sonny

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Saturday’s weather here in Tampa was just beautiful so we took full advantage of it!

Yours truly:

And one of my besties, Sonny (affectionately known as Sonny Boy)

We hit the happy trails (not really trails) streets of Tampa~No real destination in mind, we thought we’d head toward the Tampa Aquarium. On the way, I discover Cypress Street! Remembering that my sweet gal pal Ruth (http://thebeautifullifeblog.blogspot.com) mentioning a salvage store on Cypress….

Sonny, hold on to your hat! U-turn (almost) in progress I turn down the street…driving very slow, not paying any mind to the cars behind me…On the right I see….Schiller’s Architectural * Design Salvage (www.schillersalvage.com).

Another U-turn to park on the other side of the street. I grab my keys (no camera with me) & my cell phone, grateful that it does taken (semi) decent photos, we head to the “junk” yard….then wander around inside of the store:

Hope you enjoy the Schiller tour~

We then hit a few (4, 5?) Thrift Stores and had a huge lunch at Datz Deli! The food was divine and too much to eat at one sitting, my made the perfect midnight snack!

Sonny Boy then gave me a vintage dresser mirror (painted purple, reminds me of my Donny Osmond days)!
I’ll post about that later this week!

Stay sweet & keep on truckin’
Grammie Jackie ❤


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