Patio Garden Furniture and Accessories from Restoration Hardware!!

Funny, when I think of hardware…I think of cabinet knobs and the likes. I have recently found Restoration Hardware and found that they offer MUCH MORE than just ole hardware knobs. I mean wowsa!!!

Here are some pretty photos from their catalog to get you in the warm season mood~~

Luciously weaved outdoor mats…I don’t think I’d be wiping my dirty shoes off on these!

Back when I was a child..we never saw ANYTHING like these~~

Outdoor draperies…picture these blowing in the breeze….

I’ll take one of each color to match each of my bathing suits~(NOT)
They are vibrant though, aren’t they?

Never in my life, did I think we’d have outdoor rugs and furniture~~But, thankfully we do! 
Outdoor Chandys!
Candlelight to adorn the beautiful outdoor rooms we create~
The roughness of the textures in the furniture, walls and trees…Softness of the candlelight and the night!
I could “camp” out here all evening~wanna join?
Neutrals are so very soothing!

For softness & some extra cush~pillows made with outdoor fabric~

I love all these furniture and accessories, hope you did too! For more beautiful furniture, accessories & don’t forget the “hardware”…go here:

God Bless and Keep Smiling!
Grammie Jackie


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