More Project Ideas via my Hobby Lobby Visit

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby….It’s only  5 minutes from her home…Good thing for me, she lives 45 minutes from me~or I’d be here all the time…The photos were taken with my cell phone.  Yes, I was trying to be sneaky….lol. Not the best quality of photos, but I’m sure you will enjoy….and hopefully get some inspiration also!

I can’t wait to try this project!!! Couldn’t be too very difficult~

I’ve already purchased the board and paint. I have the photo sketched out~can’t wait to paint it~will post for you , if it turns out well 🙂  Yes, that’s yours truly reflecting off the plastic, lol.

This is blurry, guess I was so excited when I saw it, I started shakin!
I’m now scouting for one of this at the thrift shoppes here in the bay area~Don’t you just love the colors on it~

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Hobby Lobby! If you try any of the projects, please let us know! Would love to see!

God Bless & Good Evening~
Grammie Jackie


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