The $1.89 Challenge @ Earthly Treasures!

Blame it on George!

So, today at work I started cleaning my purse out! Shhh don’t tell on me! LOL. This is what started it all.  Being a Friday and having $1.89 in my purse just clinging around…..What do I do?? I challenge myself to stop at my fav thrift store~to see what I can purchase for $1.89! 

So, having 20 minutes before the store closes…My first eye spy was this embroidery hoop hanging on the wall….25cts.  Thinking ok, I will still have $1.64 left, I keep on roaming around……

Hmmmm, I spy two of these adorable ferris wheels for 50 cts a piece! I’m thinking spray painted a neutral color…..adding some small votives~what do you think???
Here’s a quickie with some ole votives I had in the cupboard! Excuse their ashes, they need cleaned out!

By this time I’m pretty happy with my small amount of finds and keeping to my challenge of only spending $1.25 now! Walking to the check out, I find something reflecting and white! Ofcourse, I HAD to look:

I see this very small vanity…It’s made to sit on top of a dressing table….Hummm $3, I pick it up, put it down……I don’t know how many times….have you ever done that??? C’mon, be honest now!
 Ok. $3.00 is a good (real good) price for this! I pick her up and start walking to the check-out….Do you ladies take checks? I ask….The sweet lil woman says, “Only if we know you”. My response, “I’m here everyweekend!”  Sweet Lady, “Okay, driver’s license and mortgage deed please”….We both chuckle. 
Me: “I’m sorry I rent, but I can give you my car title!”  Sweet Lil woman, “That’s fine!” 

On the way out to get the title to my car, I see this desktop bill organiser~~ I’m thinking…ok, she takes checks….this is really calling out my name…so I scoop this up as well! (Note, she’s already white also)
These two items are really waiting for me, aren’t they? !?!

I adore the weaved inlay in this piece…..two drawers and slots to hold bills….But, I really think this will be a craft organiser….pretty pieces of sheet music and what not’s will go in the slots! 

Don’t you love how the black numbers stand out against the white???? I luv it…..Oh I’m such a happy thriftaholic today! You know the feeling, I’m sure…The blood surges, you start smiling and doing the happy dance, right in the middle of the store because you’re so happy with what you just gave a new forever home too…kinda like adopting a new pet!

So, on the way out (after Sweet Little Woman) let me write her a check and keep the title to my car…as she said it’s hard to thrift on a 10-speed (although, I would find a way)…I was on my way out the door and scored FIVE issues of ‘Southern Living’ for free!!

This was a perfect way to start the weekend, today I will be picking up my Lil Gal for funtime with Grammie! I wish you all a blessed and wonderful weekend!

Stay Thrifty,
Jackie ..


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