I enjoy the thrill of the Thrift!

I love this, but the price is too hefty for me~~

This is from Deb’s store at Curious Sofa, price $173.95.  Way out of my range, plus, I wouldn’t consider spending that kind of moola!

On my weekly trips to one of my fav thrift stores, Earthly Treasures, I spotted this lamp many weeks ago.  “Polly” was sitting on the floor, in the same spot, feeling Oh so unwanted….I bypassed her every week…thinking “if she’s still there in the future, I’ll pick her up.”

 Last Friday she came home with me! $3…..

Here is she before her sanding and botox job!

Still a small glimmer on her lid~~~

I think these little hookie things are great for hanging jewelry or photos~~

Polly with her new white coat on:

Her top even got a new look!

Sorry for the blur here….

This is how “Polly” is looking now…although, I do want to change out the clips….Why, Polly, you ask? Well, that’s my Mom’s name and the photos are of her…Therefore, Meet Polly ♥

More little finds will be posted in the next few days…Next weekend I want to introduce you to Chip!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!



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