Ruffles in the le toilette? Why not!

Sometimes we forget how much “activity”goes on in the les toilettes. Why not pretty it up a bit.
I found some images of ruffled shower curtains that may be just the answer.  I do like ruffles and the feminine look (without going to overboard).

This curtain from Anthropologie is semi-feminine….I think just enough ruffles to make it “pretty” but not overly foo-foo.  

I kind of get the “Bo Ho” vibes from these, do you? 
Loving the colors!
Crate & Barrel has a lovely curtain with ruffles on the top. But, with a hefty
price of $110~ 

Lately, I’ve been liking the simplicity of black and white color scheme. This curtain can be used as a neutral, neither too feminine or too masculine.

I’m thinking shower curtains are NOT that expensive to make plus it would be our OWN thumbprint in our toilette! This is a project for my 2011 Bucket List!

Hope you enjoyed my little post today! Have you made a curtain yourself, I’d love to see it if so!

Have a wonderful day!


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