I sit here with tears in my eyes, a heavy heart….This a.m. I read an email from my friend Judi that my friend Tom (I posted about him on FaceBook) was doing better and more alert, that he didn’t want to die.

This last email I read is that he is slipping into a coma….I know that when my Dad passed he was more alert and aware of his surroundings the day before he passed.  Tom was like that yesterday. Now he’s slipping away from us.  I pray that He will be out of pain and that the ones he leaves behind will find some kind of comfort.

This is very difficult as I can’t say Good Bye to him…….I am still praying for a MIRACLE.

I know he wants us to carry on, to smile as we think of him, I can feel the angels are around him now.

Before I close this post, I do want to say one thing Tommy and I shared was the love of photography. He was a wonderful Wedding Photographer….So with him as an inspiration to me I will be more inspired to follow my dream to learn more of the art of capturing moments. 

I read a quote by Brandy Anderson (Fresh Sugar Photography) and want to share it.

“I think the biggest hurdle for many new photographers, especially women, is self-confidence. Once we realized we are constantly learning for the rest of our lives, self-confidence becomes a challenge to keep improving our work, than than being a drawback.”

Good bye dear friend…I will always cherish our time we had together…




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