Beginning Today Inspirational Video

As I prepare for a short stay in the hospital, I will openly admit that anxiety is setting in. But, I know everything will be just fine. I have turned my life over to our Heavenly Father. He has led me down a new path of life and wonderment. He has brought me feelings of love and encouragement. I am finding new things in life….One of the most I cherish is Inspiration.

I am inspired by all of you. Not only by our crafting, cooking, photography, but the way we all care for one another. We talk to, laugh with, share with, cry with and pray for and with each other. Many friends that we will meet, many that we may never have the chance to meet. No matter what, our friends bring us love, encouragement and inspiration.

I know my life is so different as I walk my daily path with all of you. You all have shown me more life, laughter and love than I could ever imagine. You have showed me how caring and loving people truly are.

So, in honor of you, while I am away for a few days, I want to share with you inspiration!

I hope you enjoy!



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