James Merrell Photography

Good morning all! Hope this weekend has been blissful and relaxing for you!

I wanted to share some photos that I found online by James Merrell Photography, UK…He is amazingly talented!!

Mr. Merrell didn’t have any titles for the photos on his site. Myself I call this one Rustic Romantic Chic! Isn’t it lovely? I would love to be sitting of the porch sipping some sweet tea with you!

I remember having a little red firetruck as the one above!  Did you have one also? Ringing the little bell and peddling as fast on my little feet could go!

                                                     This is a true artists’ studio!

I love all the white with pops of color! Gorgeous bouquet! Check out the little one under the table..

                                                          Sweet Little Kitty

                                                  Loving the wall mural and the lamp!

                             I could just sink into this sofa and enjoy the artwork all afternoon!

I hope you enjoyed this photography as much as I enjoyed sharing with you! For more photos go to

Enjoy your day!


One thought on “James Merrell Photography

  1. Hi Jackie, Those are some beautiful photos! I really like the shack with the bed on the front porch. Oh, yes I remember the little red fire trucks like that. I miss those days so much. Those fire trucks are worth some money at the antique stores. Nice post 😉

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