Something old, something new (to me), something borrowed, something blue…

NOOOOOOOOOO! I’m not getting married, if that is what you were thinking!!! lol…

Wanted to share a few things and thought the title might catch your attention, was I right?
This first photo is of a very old hat, as you can see, It was one of many things of my late father’s that traveled from Ohio to Florida with me.  I can just imagine a gentleman in a blue and white pin striped suit with a walking cane wearing this, does it make you think that too?  I’m thinking it’s from the 1940’s, dad always kept it in the closet putting it on when he would get silly.  Such as the time he would do the Michael Jackson moonwalk! I keep it in my room with many of his other strawhats.  I know, sentimental moi!

Here are some of the license plates from a previous post, I’m not finished with the project yet, I strung them with twine just as he had.

                                                        These are the old items of the title.

Another old item are these 1940’s nightstands that were my grandmothers.  They used to be light gray as was many furniture items in that era.  I ‘ve painted them white, still need to add the handles.  I love the curves above the drawers. The borrowed item is this beautiful photo Joanne Coletti shared with us on Facebook.

The inside is quite spacious..  A perfect place for many of my decorating books to hide. I didn’t paint the insider of the doors, on the right you can see the original gray color it used to be.

I painted the curbside folding doors with just a hint of gray, using dry brush strokes, this one isn’t finished in this photo, but I did get it done…Will share the finished photos soon.

This knob was driving me KRAZY, it was way too shining, so after much sanding and painting, I finally got the look that I wanted.

I absolutely love Cavalini paper.  I used it to cover the inside and the top of this small cabinet.  I purchased this cabinet many, many moons ago from ABC Distrubuting Co. It was a light wood color.  I repurposed it to my liking. Along, with the Cavilini paper, I used ribbon and different colors of paint, the final coat was again the drybrush strokes used on the sides.

The chicken wire was silver, I painted in black to make it ‘pop’ against the light blue.

Drybrush method, did you use it too?

Completed little cabinet.  I use it in the guest bathroom, it’s small and fits in the corner nice and cozy!

I worked on these projects a couple weeks ago and just now got around to posting them. My last couple of weekends have been spent playing Gammie to Big D and Lil Gal. I ended up spending the night at my daughter’s on Saturday. My little granddaughter jumped on her mommy’s knee the wrong way (she has already had 3 knee surgeries), Saturday was spent with my daughter at the E.R. to find out she has a dislocated knee cap!! Then, Saturday night I went to the E.R. after stepping on an old rusty nail. My foot is feeling ok now, but where the nurse gave me my tetanus shot~~OUCH, it still hurts! All in all we did have a nice long weekend!

I hope your weekend was filled with much love and laughter and no hospital visits!

Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “Something old, something new (to me), something borrowed, something blue…

  1. Jackie!! Oh my word! Dislocated knee cap… That hurts to even think about! Is she ok? And YOU! Oh hon! Rusty nail! I'm sooo sorry!! :(I love all your projects!! That hat is something!!Cavallini papers are the best, aren't they? Love them!Take of yourself, lady. No more ER trips, okay?? :)Ruth

  2. Sorry about the knee!!ouch makes me hurt just thinking about it!!I love your project~~ Jackie!!It turned out just darling:)hope you had a relaxing weekend my dear!xoKay Ellen

  3. You have been one busy lady! Everything looks beautiful and i've never heard of the paper but it is pretty. I LUV chicken wire, so country and homey.I hate that your daughter prob has to have another surg. OUCH. You poor thing, I haven't has a t shot in YEARS so I know I'd have to have on eif I had any kind of accident. I'm glad you've had a good Labor Day and hope you have a wonderful week. ❤

  4. Love that straw hat! Haven't seen one of those in eons. I hope you and you and your daughter heal very, very quickly. Good Lord. I think you've both suffered enough!

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