So many names for roses of famous people!

Check this out~I never knew there were so many names for roses! Did you? Here is a list of roses named after real/fictional people.  I was in awe! 

• Abraham Lincoln: 4 Red Roses – “President Lincoln” & “Souvenir du President”; hybrid teas, “Mr. Lincoln” & “Honest Abe”; miniture moss roses.
• Amelia Earhart – Creamed blush pink hybrid tea rose.
• Audrey Hepburn – Apple blossom pink hybrid tea rose.
• Barbra Streisand – Rich lavender and mauve hybrid tea rose.
• Betty Boop – Red blend floribunda rose.
• Betty White – Blush pink to cream hybrid tea rose.
• Bing Crosby – Dark orange hybrid tea rose.
• Bob Hope – Medium red hybrid tea rose.
• Cary Grant – Orange blend hybrid tea rose.
• Chaucer – Shell pink with yellow center English rose shrub.
• Cinderella – Almost white with blush pink miniature hybrid tea rose.
• Diana, Princess of Wales – Pink blend hybrid tea rose.
• Dolly Parton – Darl coppery orange/red hybrid tea rose.
• Don Juan – Red large flowered climbing rose.
• Elizabeth Taylor – Deep pink hybrid tea rose.
• General Washington – Bright red hybrid perpetual.
• George Best – dark red miniature rose.
• George Burns – Yellow blend floribunda rose.
• Ginger Rogers – Orange and pink blend hybrid tea rose.
• John F. Kennedy – White blend hybrid tea rose.
• Judy Garland – Yellow to orange and scarlet floribunda rose.
• LeAnn Rimes – Yellow blushed rose hybrid tea rose.
• Leonardo da Vinci – Light pink floribunda rose.
• Marilyn Monroe – Creamy apricot hybrid tea rose.
• Mary, Queen of Scots – White blend hybrid spinosissima rose.
• Michelangelo – Orange blend floribunda rose and medium yellow hybrid tea rose.
• Mozart – Cerise pink with white center modern shrub rose.
• Napoleon (Chapeau de Napoleon) – Light pink old historic rose.
• Othello – Red/cerise blend English shrub rose.
• Paul McCartney – Medium pink hybrid tea rose.
• Prince William of Wales (Royal William) – Dark red hybrid tea rose.
• Queen Elizabeth – Medium pink grandiflora rose.
• Reba McEntire – Orange red grandiflora rose.
• Robin Hood – Small cherry red hybrid mush shrub rose.
• Ronald Reagan – Red with white reverse hybrid tea rose.
• Rosie O’Donnell – Red blend hybrid tea rose.
• Sir Lancelot – Amber, pink, and peach blend floribunda rose.
• Snow White – White blend hybrid tea rose and white blend polyantha rose.
• St. Patrick – Medium yellow blend hybrid tea rose.
• William Shakespeare – Deep scarlet modern shrub rose.
That’s it for now, I just thought this was kinda of interesting and wanted to pass along since so many of us gals love our roses! 

3 thoughts on “So many names for roses of famous people!

  1. No I am really surprised reading your list. WowWe have an antique rose emporium near our little town and I use to buy the old roses and plant them around my home…now that I had to rent the house the previous renters had the nerve to dig them up and I did not know until they had moved out. Would love to have them now.Hope your doing wellMaggie

  2. I love roses~~I seem to get stuck with alot of thorns when I am trimming and cutting~~~ but that's ok I'll take a thorn!For the beauty of the petals melts my heart:)Have good weekend Jackie!xoKay Ellen

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