Saturday Scavenging

Good Saturday to you! How is your day going? Mine, you asked? Pretty quiet here, even napped for a couple hours today.

The other day I was digging in the garage and stumbled across my Dad’s license plate collection! Now I see where I get the pack rat syndrome from.  It is hereditary.   Plates range from 1959 (something is older that me) to late 90’s when he stopped driving.

This first photo is hard to make out but it is ’59.

Some of the twine he tied them together with was still intact, I just left it.  I found some twine I had here and tied 7 of them together to create a piece of art (will post soon).  I think it’s just something sentimental in me that I brought these old rusty plates from Ohio to Florida with me! Somethings are meant to be kept and cherished no matter how old and tattered.  Memories of the cars he drove came into play when I was going through these..  What old and tattered hand me downs did you keep?

Last week I was driving down a side street and saw a pile of things someone had thrown out.  I kept driving to my destination, but I kept thinking about these darned panel doors I saw.  I drove back past but the owner’s were in the driveway, so I didn’t stop.

But, as you can see I did pick them up.  Today, I was out doing some errands and thought I will take a gander past to see if they’re still there, thinking  the junk man or trash man picked them up by now! But, low and behold they were still there!!!!

Yee haw, I put ole Bessie Bella in park, popped open the back door and not walked but ran over to the pile one by one picking them up and putting them in B.B.  By the time I was done loading, I looked around and traffic was behind and in front of me! Nothing stops a Dumpster Diving Diva!!! YEEHAW I scored.. No one even blew their horn!!!

6 doors in all! 3 sets of two with the hinges attached! All painted in white. I took the hose to them but will be turning them into something nice and useful here soon!

Still haven’t changed the date of the cam! Oh well…..

Thanks for coming along with me on my Saturday Junkin Journey!

What did you score this weekend???

That’s all now folks! Enjoy your weekend and God Bless!
Junkin Jackie


4 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenging

  1. I LUV your rusty plate collection. Yes do post a pic of how you're going to display them. Your junk find is a good one too, I can't wait to see how you refurbish them and what you plan to do with them. Sadly I have no treasures to boast about this wknd, but hope to go thrifting very soon.

  2. Bonojour Jackie,How have you been? Missed all you lovely posts. This one is special though, it seems we are both sentimental. FInding your Dad's old license plates must have brought back alot of memories. We need to catch up Jackie!Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the doors, anxious to see what you have planned for them. Mimi

  3. Hi Jackie! Looks like you found some awesome things and some of it right in your own garage! Yesterday was my birthday and Russ took me shopping at all of my favorite art stores! I scored too on some great deals!

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