Yes, I’m at it again!

On my previous post on fashion, Elizabeth, from The Adventures of Elizabeth left a cute comment as she read through my post eating cheetos in her cargos and old t-shirt stating that she felt really girlie after looking at the dresses from Kaboodle.

Well, now it’s my turn! I’m sitting here in gray shorts with paint all over them, Goodwill T-Shirt eating chips and watching Fred Sandford as I surf the net.

I stumbled across
These beautifully romantic kinda bohemian dresses~~quite out of my price range I’m sure!

A gal can dream can’t she?


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m at it again!

  1. LUV LUV LUV the pink one near the end. Yep, out of my price range, especially since I wouldn't have any place to wear them either. We can dream and oogle over pretty things though, it's our right as ladies.

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