Kickin’ It @ Kaboodle This Evening!

Oh, I found another website today with too many things for sale….oh my, Wishing I had a money tree in my backyard about now!

Take a gaze at these wonderful VINTAGE dresses & blouses. They’re from the 40’s & 50’s….I think I may be checking out some Vintage Thrift Shops here soon!

We all need a little black dress? Oui? I love this Black Demure Dress…It’s so QT! Look at those Strappy Sandals! Oh my!

This 40’s Navy Dress is another of my favs!

                                                                     Pretty Floral Print!

For more viewing pleasure of vintage garments Now I’m off to pick out shoes!!!!

Oh, what’s a gal to do!



8 thoughts on “Kickin’ It @ Kaboodle This Evening!

  1. Cute dresses! I especialy like the LBD featured on the form (next to the ladies in blue!)Thanks for stopping my blog – focal point.:D Lynda

  2. Oh, how I love these!! These are to die for….Thanks for sharing as I sit here in cargo shorts, old t-shirt, eating cheetos, and bandanna in my hair…ahem…NOW…I really feel girly after seeing this post! :-)Elizabeth

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