Adding some color……….

Good morning everyone! How are you this (still) very rainy day?

Since my landlord put the house “officially” on the market, I had packed away many accessories. But, the house just looked too bland and boring. This weekend I added a few accessories to give the dining room some summer color…..

The table didn’t have anything on it…SO not my style…I punched it up by adding my mom’s milkglass pitcher with (yes) artificial white & purple flowers, purple placemats and a soft colored tablecloth…I like the contrast between the soft and hard color or purples!

1970’s Highchair…soon to be repainted (again).

I hope the sun comes out soon! May your upcoming week be filled with lots of love and blessings!


2 thoughts on “Adding some color……….

  1. Bonjour Jackie,How are you. I like the purple flowers and the beautiful side table. That looks like an antique – right up my alley! Finally Blogger has let me post here. Hope the rain has stopped in the SUnshine State! Have a great weekend,MimiP.S. I owe you an email. My computer crashed this week and now back online!

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