A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

Hi Y’all! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!  We’ve had SO much rain here. It was  mostly indoor activities. Saturday we did get to see the parade and fireworks. One good thing is I just walk out to my backyard and there they are! So beautiful, so many colors~~

I played in my dining room and living room moving things around, took photos…just plain fun things, you know? Baked my daughters’ birthday cake. She is my firecracker baby! Turned 28…I always say, “it’s so nice the children get old, but I don’t! Yeah, keep on dreaming Jackie.

BTW, here are a few photos~no certain order to share a little of my weekend with you.

My 7 year old wide eyed grandson~

As always, excuse the incorrect date, my old timer’s won’t allow me to remember to change it on the camera!

 Lil gal listening intently to Gammie’s jabber~Can you believe she is one already! She walks around with her arms up in the air wanting to be held!

Kissable little piggies!

The birthday girl~~

My happiness:

Well, that’s all now…I will be back very soon to post some projects I’ve been working on!

Til then, keep on thrifting, fleain’, paintin’ and bloggin!


Note to self: Clean the keyboard…Never again drink diet coke while bloggin!!!
Oh Lucy Lucy Lucy……


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