Pale and Interesting……

Discovery Time Again~

I found a new site:

These photos are so clean and fresh! I love the look of all of them.
The prices (UK) are pretty steep, but it can give us some new ideas!
I hope you enjoy!

Til next post, God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Pale and Interesting……

  1. Hey Jackie, I'm glad you liked all my thrifting treasures….how blessed was I! 🙂 I like all the stuff you found on pale and interesting…very nice! I love all things pastel, creamy and white! lol Of course my house is a mix of it all. I kind of do elegant meets cottage decorating…cause I like the dark colors too, but I also want the crisp whites and pretty toile fabrics etc. You can prob tell by looking at my blog all the goodies I enjoy! :)Thanks for becoming my newest follower, I will become your too! :)Have a great day! (and happy early 4th!)Missy

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