Vintage Vuitton Valises~

Don’t you wish you knew where these have been?

20th Century Wardrobe~I’m sure it has seen many travels along steamships!

Above: 1935 Louis Vuitton.

1950 Vuitton:

The above Vuitton sold at Christie’s in New York for $3700.00.

I’ve always had a “thing” for vintage suitcases and trunks! I now have three, didn’t spend more the $5 each!

See ya when the ship sails!

Due to my medical condition (old timer’s) I don’t remember where these photos came from.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Vuitton Valises~

  1. gorgeous valises! wow I bet they could tell many stories. also loe the aprons you have above, I love how they look with the cowboy boots. I am not much of a cook or domestic godess but maybe with one of those babies I could be transformed!

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