Old Home Remains, Seaside & Derry Cottages~~

The remains of an old home in Derry. Love all the stonework!

Seascape Scape:

Derry Farm Cottage~

My apologies on lack of wording on this post. For some reason blogger would not cooperate with me.

Anyway, these photos are from County Derry (kna: Loudonderry), N. Ireland.  I just love the rolling hills and the seaside scapes of N.Ireland.  The cottages are quaint with an old world charm.

Someway, someday, I would love to visit Derry. The is a big part of my Irish Lass heritage.

I hope you enjoyed the images, hopefully, next post will be more up to par!


2 thoughts on “Old Home Remains, Seaside & Derry Cottages~~

  1. Pretty buildings and archutecture. Scenes too. A friend of mine just showed me a lot of pics she took in England. Their archutecture is so detailed and beautiful. Their buildings are preserved way more than we preserve ours. Americans just tend to tear down and build "modern" which in my opinion is not always the best.

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