~~Cat’s Meow and Victoria Magazine~~

If you are ever in Sarasota, FL be sure to stop  in the shop of Susie & Mark Holt. The former name was Cat’s Meow. They changed it to Posh & Palm! Cute name, eh? Here are some photos that are in the current 
issue of Victoria Magazine!
Aren’t the pics drool~icious? Check out them out: catsmeow.inc! I’m off to the kleenex box! 

5 thoughts on “~~Cat’s Meow and Victoria Magazine~~

  1. I'm planning on popping in there tomorrow. I'm so glad they moved downtown because it's so much closer to my house. About a 10 min. drive! I love their new name too. It just seems to be a better 'fit'. You'll have to drive down sometime Jackie and I'll meet ya there! 🙂 Sue

  2. This is wonderful news Jackie – thank you for sharing. I visited their first(?) boutique. The one before Ellerton and loved it. When I return to Florida in October, I hope to visit the new one. It looks amazing.Cheers,gerre lynne

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