I was tagged & random ramblin

My gal pal Ruth from “The Beautiful Life” tagged me.  I was ‘supposed’ to use the 6th photo from my blog and write about it…but, being the “Irish Lass” that I am, I changed it around abit! Hope ya don’t mind Ruth!

I went through some very old photos from my blog and they crack me up!! I can’t believe the difference in the quality of the photo taking….ofcourse, I have a better camera now! 

These are just random photos, no rhyme or reason!

Anyway, on way the show:

Bailey Boy playin’ the water~~

Then nappy time:
Payne being Pinked..
Being a pozer…

                                                 My fav shop in Bluffton, SC

Vintage pocketbooks $1.00
Stone cottage in Brooksville, FL
Old vacant home in Brooksville, FL
Gotta include Ikea Chandys!
Ikea resting place, I could use a nap!
Sweet Dammie Doo…saying so long!
I hope you enjoyed some of my ole photos…..
I’m passing the tag along to:
Lillie Mae Acres
Gerre’s Beautiful Boutique
Bonjour Romance
If you’d like to participate in the tag, post your 6th blog photo….or do as I, just some random photos from days past…..

3 thoughts on “I was tagged & random ramblin

  1. I love your photographs Jackie! Your lil guy is too precious. What an adorable smile. Bailey is cute playing in the water and the one of Payne all dressed up is a hoot. Unless there are two Brooksville's in Florida, I was just there yesterday. The stone cottage is amazing as is the vacant white house. Would love to have some time meandering through your favorite shop. You did a great job selecting random photographs Jackie! Okay, I am off to see which one was my sixth picture, but have a feeling I will borrow your idea and go random. : )Blessings,gerre lynne

  2. Bonjour Jackie,Thank you for the tag, and I like you idea of choosing random photos. Love the stone cottage in Brooksville and that marvelous vacant house – I could move right in! Is that cutie your grandson? You are a lucky girl. Will try to get some images together asap. Have a good one, MimiP.S. I'm half Irish on my Daddy's side!

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