I’ve been dibbling and been busy around here!

Three more weeks til I get this from layaway~~Isn’t she gorgeous! Thank goodness K-Mart still has layway! If not, I wouldn’t/couldn’t have done it! I purchased the sheets also. Normally, would  have been over $200.00. I got it all for $140.oo!

 So, now I have to get the bedframe put together. Yes, gals, my bed has been on the floor! Oh, well, I moved in, plopped it down, daughter moved in, had a baby….blah blah blah…Y’all know how that goes. I will be touching up my grandma Stella’s 1930’s night stands to go with this! They used to  be gray, now are white (ofcourse, with the original hardware, which I painted black). Looking for some more red accessories….Will have photos in a bit for  y’all.

Meanwhile, my daughter and Lil Gal moved out. I have been recreating a room for my blogging and crafting. I will have photos of that soon….I  promise.

So, when all of this is finished and my cleaning is done….I will start my weekly home series…Sorry, Denise, I have been researching…and it will be great! I promise. If you don’t know Denise,  you need to visit her at http://lilliemaeacres.blogspot.com. She is a true sweet southern woman!

Stay tuned…tomorrow will be Is it coffee yet?

Stay sweet!
Penny from Heaven


3 thoughts on “I’ve been dibbling and been busy around here!

  1. It's so beautiful, I can't wait to see it all together w/ the refurbished furniture. I too still venture through KMart ever few weeks just to check out any great buys. My sister has a few small kids so their layaway comes in handy for her now that Walmart doesn't. You're so blessed to be able to devote a spare room to crafting and other projects. I know you've had your hands full w/ Jen moving and all, I'm being very patient and am looking forward to the home series. Thanks for sending readers over to my blog dear friend, I'll certainly do the same for you. Have a good evening.

  2. Those bed sheets are gorgeous! and you got the steal too=;) lucky!. Hey i used to have my bed on the floor too, i was into Japanese at some point hence no bedframe.

  3. Jackie, this is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your boudoir with the night stands. Isn't it great to get something fabulous at a great price?!Bisou,gerre lynne

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