Fancy Flea will be here in 2 Weeks!

I missed the first one, but will be at this event!!
Hope to see you locals there!

3 thoughts on “Fancy Flea will be here in 2 Weeks!

  1. Bonjour Jackie,Oh I wish to come to this one. FLorida does have some really good fleas and markets. You can find some fantastic deals in the antique shops too, I think alot of the older population sold off their old things. Have fun!Hope all is going well for you my friend. I have some updates on the new venture, I'll be sending over an email this weekend or first of the week – where so the weeks fly to anyway? Happy weekend,Mimi

  2. Hi Jackie! THANK YOU for visiting and leaving your calling card and sweet words : ) Had to pop on over and return the favor. You have a BEAUTIFUL place here! Noticed that the flea market is being held in Lakeland. My grandparents lived there after moving from their first Florida home in Venice, Florida. Wonderful memories….I'll call again, soon! xx P&H

  3. Have fun! I was at the last one (was going to have a bothe there but didn't at the last minute) and THIS TIME I can't do a booth because I'm doing another event that same day in Fish Hawk…. :(Enjoy the day — it promises to be incredible! Down on Main Street across from Munn Park is an empty store front I'm considering…. check it out!! :)Ruth

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