today’s findz!

Luckily, I live 5 minutes from work and I go home daily. I play with Lil Gal and see my furry baby. Plus, I don’t believe in spending $ for fastfood.

Anyway, today instead of a left turn, I made a right. I drove to Brandon Sal. Army Store.  Wow, I will be checking in there weekly as I found a beautiful armoire and some things for Lil Gal. The prices go down every seven days…..

Here is what I found today. $12.oo spent. Keep in mind, they will ALL be redone.

Spice was $3.00. I can’t believe how heavy it is!!! Its’ from J.C. Penny. The year? I have no clue. Do you?

My sweet little birdhouse $1. Watering can…..Love the flower!

Birdhouse roof:

So…that is it for my todayz findz!

My mom had a 1970 brown bread box…..I didn’t take bfore photos but, here are the Now pics:

Do you likey??? I do!
P.S..I’m thinking of doing spice box in Sun Yellow to match the breadbox Pls leave me your thoughts! Thx


2 thoughts on “today’s findz!

  1. J. I remember when Mom bought that breadbox frommy friend Judy. They had a garage sale, it was shortlyafter we moved to TN. I think the spice rack would lookgood yellow. I would guess it was from the late 70-to early 80….just a guess. The breadbox looks great. Be sureand keep about 6 loaves of bread in it for the birds!!!!Love, Ida!

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