My life, the real life and I love it!

First and foremost, I hope all of my bloggin’ gal pals had a blessed Easter and remembered the REAL reason that we celebrate this day…see my previous post!

I cleaned, mowed my one care of  yard, picked, prodded, painted, sanded, washed, watched tv., played with my grandbabies, helped my daughter, cooked, did dishes…..blah, blah blah. you all know where I’m coming from.

To see my grandbabies, you can visit my facebook page. This blog is of my humble home and ramblings of my day.

My 1990 camping cup and coffee maker. From a yard sale for $1…….

No, those aren’t my Marlboro’s! I love the look of the cup and coffee maker. But I had to paint it red……ofcourse!

It is now red, but the white dots will (or will show through) once I lightly sand it…..I still have to change the camera date…Oh Lucy!

In the works! Don’t you love the concrete/tile picnic table? i sure do.

“Watkins” 1990. Such a cute picture on the bottom of the coffee cup! I will have to #120 sandpaper the red off. Will not cover that up! Way too cute!

One of my “coffee, chatting, blogging areas”
Previously pee green table going yellow for my front porch.
Table in the works. Hey, the bricks are original from McMullen & Company! Guess, who has the same last name! Moi!
 My front porch in the making. Hey, when you have a 9 month old pulling on your shorts, things are bond to be crooked. The porch will soon dawn a small rocking chair, flowers, 2 lacy shabby curtains….If you think of a better idea, please let me know!
I am thinking pale yellow, purple, white & red…..yum!
Ok…I got the lil gal to give me a break to shoot straight!
Random shots
the “original” 1926 dinner bell. Yes, I ring it on Holiday Dinners!
No electricity needed.
The 1926 servants quarters. No, I don’t stay in there. I am in the Master Bedroom, I think!
Picnic are #2 with alot of work to do!
My father’s gift to me with my last name and my house number from Ohio. This proudly hangs in my laundry room.
My best friend, Payne, chowing down. Ofcourse, he had ham and tatters today Too!
Ok…I know I’m boring you by now! Almost finished! I promise! This is my dinette table…Sign from Gulfport $1. The Paris Wine container contained wine….lol. priceless, since I don’t whine.
My daughter’s painting  in our dinette. I love it!

My MilkGlass w/ purple and white flowers….excuse the mess. Our life isn’t always neat!

My Italian Vino photo from Big Lots…price $5.00. Yes this Irishlass has a tad bit of Italiano too!
Thank you for putting up with my random blah blah blog today. Besides, all of this, I have a huge draft (for Denise) of Florida Farmstyle Homes which I will post this week!
Take Care & God Bless.
your gal pal,

3 thoughts on “My life, the real life and I love it!

  1. I can't wait for the Farmhouse posting later this week. The coffee pot and cup look pretty painted red! I have the blue plates and my mom just finished my red plaid placemats to display them on. I'll be doing a posting this week on them. Your home is beautiful, can't wait to see the porch finished! Another GREAT and interesting post.

  2. Miss Lillie Mae, as always thank you and you're such a sweet friend. Looking forward to seeing your new red plaid placemats! You're bringing out the country in me!!! It's always been there, now coming out more. xxxx

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