Spring has sprung!

So let’s have some fun!!! Just want to thank all of you for your sweet comments and following. I so enjoy my  bloggin’ buds! don’t you?  Well, I’m still working on Post #1 for home/styles….looks like Miss Denise gets her wish….farmstyle! Anyhows, it’ll be posted a little late…sometime this weekend. Prob on Sunday.

My beautiful daughter and Little Gal are fixin’ to move to their own place next weekend, so we are scurring here packing and I put off Spring cleaning for a couple of wks. Next Sat is the circus~Just me and the Little Ones!

Boy,  I sure can ramble, eh? Must be the Irish. lol….

Look forward to another giveaway in early May!!!!

Stay sweet and keep on bloggin!

Hugs, Jackie


One thought on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Yippy, can't wait to see all the farmhouses and info you dig up and post. Spring is sprung here and I'm not done w/ the inside of the house yet either. I'm not planning to overdo it outside like I have in the past because the temps get so high in the summer. Have a good evening.

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