My Gammie is frustrated

Gams has been trying to do a post, but her photos won’t cooperate. I sneaked up on  her computer while hers in the room making some tings! I want to say hello to all her friendz and show off my two new teefers. Gams says I bit her finger too hard. I’m wittle and don’t know better, but I’m her lil gal and her wuvs me!

Do you like my new teefers? purdy n’ white. I don’t let mommie and gammie sleep much, they hurt somtimez.   But, I tired. My bottle is warm and my doggy here too. Gammie will be back here soon with her new pitchers.  I tink I spelt that rite.  Night Nite Ladies.

Lil Gal


3 thoughts on “My Gammie is frustrated

  1. So cute!!! Love those eyes=;) I used to rub warm honey to my daughters gums when she was teething, not sure what's in it but it help soothe the pain and discomfort.

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