As of today, I have 29 days left at my job unless biz picks up. Already got upset and cried.  I’m a big gal now so time to move on…..Thinkin Etsy (howz that going for ya if you sell  there let me know)  Part time photo gig and school full time, What’s a Grandma to do?? Or I could stay home and enjoy the babies…and paint and blog and  write and photograph……..Gimme your thoughts????


5 thoughts on “So…………..

  1. I'm sorry your job may be gone. What is America going to do with this economy? You're right, you're a big girl and you know what you have to do for your finances. I'll certainly pray God leads you in the right direction. have a blessed day.

  2. Jackie..I know change is weird..when we get older..and I think that no matter what you'll shine on in a NEW way..your a Magical have many many talents..1 being a Photographer..what ever you choose to do?..Take the Time you have..thats 1 thing you have now is TIME…Enjoy it..Much Love & Happiness..Karen♥

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