The Beauty & The Beast~Pottery Barn!

Don’t you just love the merchandise that Pottery Barn sells! That’s the beauty of it. The Beast: is the prices! I don’t know about you, but being the thrifting/flea marketing type of gal that I am; I would rather repurpose something and give it new life!

I absolutely love the cotton draperies. Price: $29 to $59.  My idea: Lace tablecloth can blow in the breeze just as nice, and ALOT more inexpensively!

Frames: $16-$56.  My choice: Thrift store frame .50 and spray paint $2.00.

Rugs can be expensive even if purchased second hand. This one runs from $99-$699 depending on size.

I love, love, love these pillow covers! The colors are FAB! Price: $39-$59, for the cover alone! Anyone know a good seamstress?

Looks like I’ll just keep dreaming of PB! Hey, did you know they offer free decorating classes? Check out the store nearest you, call them to get signed up! That’s where I’ll be headed!

After work this afternoon, I’m going to cuddle up and read my new Romantic Homes Mag and look over Ballard Design catalog!

That’s all for now!

Photos: Compliments of email from Pottery Barn.

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5 thoughts on “The Beauty & The Beast~Pottery Barn!

  1. You're right, PB has some pretty things. They are over my budget too. One of my favorite Sat. activities is to set out early to our favorite flea mkt, antique stores, and any thrift store we run upon. We don't get to do it often enough. I've thought about the tablecloth vs. curtain thing.

  2. Ah yes, I've always loved Pottery Barn, but you are so right about those prices. A big exception: I did buy a room size rug several years ago after I refinished the wood floors in my Ohio bungalow. I decided it was no different than buying carpet, and it was the most beautiful deep burgundy rug with flowers on it. My pup Trixie promptly chewed a corner of it. $899 worth of rug now with a chewed corner. So I had to arrange my furniture to strategically cover that corner, LOL.Guess who has that rug now? My ex hubby and his wife! There was no place for it in our Kansas home. 😦 That really made me sad, to GIVE that rug away!!!!!!

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