Something’s Gotta Give……A few photos of the House

Didn’t you just love the house in “Something’s Gotta Give?”  I sure did and still do! I think the Living Area looks so serene and calming in the muted colors.

The study where Diane did all of her writing and crying! Nights spent at the keyboard with tears streaming down her face, wads of tissue strewn all the over floor! All that, over Jack!!  (been there,
done that!)
The absolutely beautiful dining room with the Ironstone collection, slipcovered chairs and beautiful seagrass rug.  Hmmm, I wonder if my little granddaughter would think this table is a big cookie, like she does grandmas?
The pool at night, beautiful reflections!
The kitchen where Diane and Jack had their pajama party ~ interrupted!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

photos from the “web”


5 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give……A few photos of the House

  1. This house is beautiful Jackie. The brightness & colors look so fresh and clean. Oh boy, I couldn't even pretend that all those whites and creams would stay clean around here.It's a blessing that hubby and I both like the same natural colors and casual furniture. We're a messy bunch around here, a lot of outside dirt coming in. I'm constantly sweeping/mopping. I enjoyed this posting and pictures.

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