Don’t you just love FREE??

I sure do!!  Who doesn’t???
I cleaned my dining room from top to bottom, then bottom to top…..Patiently awaiting my newly gently used arrival….

A friend from work was getting a dining room set. He asked me if I wanted a round pedastal table and chairs…Which I have been looking for, but couldn’t locate one that I could afford!  He even delivered and set it all up for me! What a bud! I still have to add my table toppings, but was so excited, I had to share with you NOW!

I love the scalloped detailing!

The pedastal~~

 The set, still needs accessorizing! As we all know that’s the fun part!!!

My $1 shades were plain white, I spray painted red and added vanilla colored ruffle:

More pics to follow once the room is “complete”.

Stay warm and cozy.


4 thoughts on “Don’t you just love FREE??

  1. Hi Jackiethanks for visiting my blog.Saw Tampa seems to have the same temperature as I had today.I have to visit Tampa on business next Monday so if you happen to know what the weather will be like please send me a note.Sylvia

  2. Oh free is the best! I used to have that same table but different chairs! I loved it. The claw feet are wonderful.Can't wait to see it all decked out.Cute lamp shades too. I am going with the free to little money mode this year myself! It's kind of fun seeing how much money I can save.Hugs,Joanne

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