~~And A Way We Go~~ Give A Way Time

Well, I’ve finally got my hiny in gear and got the pics uploaded? downloaded? lol. Anyway, My apologies for taking longer than expected, between my loading the photos ordeal and a minor health issue that has kept me from doing some things, I’ve finally have a few things together.

I will be drawing the name next Friday night!

There is poor picture quality on the hankerchief.  It is dainty white with pink flowers sewn in. A sweet little handpainted birdhouse, with a wheelbarrow on the side.  White bird tea candle holder and a Guide to Antique Collecting, that I purchased while in Savannah!

Wishing everyone a blessed upcoming week. Will see you Friday evening.


5 thoughts on “~~And A Way We Go~~ Give A Way Time

  1. I love your giveaway items, thank you for putting this together. Oh, the birdhouse makes me think of spring even more than I already have been. I have a few of my grandmother's pretty hankies, so delicate. Good luck to all of us entering!

  2. Bonjour Jackie,What a pretty collection of things you've gathered, the hankie is so sweet. Thanks for visiting – you never know when 'someone' may walk in, specially with those brown eyes. I waited forever and a day to meet my honey. You are so lucky to have all your wonderful kids and that grandbaby. I still have friends and family in Florida, (that's where I moved from) and I heard about the cold weather, so unusual. Enjoy your week and stay warm!

  3. This is a great give away! The bird house is so cute. You have me wishing for spring. Its been warm here in So.Ca. I know you have been cold there,keep warm. Come on over and have some coffee and cake and we will chit chat awhile!!

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