A stroll through old Cigar Town~Ybor City

During the 1880’s many Cubans, Spanish and Italian immigrants populated the booming cigar town for around 50 years. During this time millions of cigars were rolled annually, After WWII the majority of the immigrants left Ybor City, leaving the town to ruins and decay.

With the passing of many years, some of the town came to life again. Mainly 7th Avenue where it is now known as a Night Club Hot Spot/ Restaurant area. Many of the buildings are now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

I hope you will join me as we take a stroll this lovely day down 7th Avenue. Many restaurants, stores and clubs line the street…..

Statue of a gentleman gazing through the newspaper, I will have to find out who he is!

Muvico Theatre located in Ybor:

Vintage shops also line the street! It was hard bypassing these beautiful dresses:

Restoration in one of the old buildings, now occupied by apartments and businesses:

I hope you enjoyed our little visit through Ybor. It’s really a nice place to visit for a dinner and bit of shopping!

I would like to say Thank You to my new followers, I promise to try to become a better blogger!


4 thoughts on “A stroll through old Cigar Town~Ybor City

  1. Jackie thanks for dropping by my blog! Thrilled to have you. From the pics we can't be far from each other. So nice to see another "Florida Girl" !!!I love Ybor City too (especially devil crabs from La Tropicana!)sweetjeanette.blogspot.com

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