Look who’s here!

Miss Jaidyn arrived into this world on Wednesday, June 17th. She weighed a ‘not-so’ girlie 9 lbs. 7oz!!! She is the sweetest baby, next to my grandson and my 2 children of course!

She was already holding her head up (wobbly, ofcourse) within 20 minutes after being born!! I feel we are so blessed. Mama and baby are doing well.

I hope all is fine with everyone in blog land. I will have more posts soon! Plenty of them rolling around in my head (along with some marbles, may I add).

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


3 thoughts on “Look who’s here!

  1. She is beautiful! The wait was worth the wonderful ending. You enjoy her now the first few weeks and months are so precious, nothing is as sweet. Looking forward to the updates!

  2. There you are lady! 🙂 She is just gorgeous, and I am so glad that baby and mom are both doing well. You are one lucky grandma… although now you have TWO grandkids to split your lovin' on! hugs~Susan

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