A hodge podge post

Hi everyone! I hope y’all are doing well! I feel like I’ve been gone forever~but, I had a minute and wanted to do a quick post.

As you can see, my furry babies are being able to enjoy their new home! As for me, I’m still fluffing, cleaning, rearranging and painting furniture. Pics to follow … when I find time to catch my breath.

Mr. Bailey is checking out the new floors! Or maybe he found a dust bunny?? Imagine that.

Payne, well he’s doing what the man of my home does best….Chillin!!

Looks as though Putz is barking (meowing?) orders to me…or could it be that he can’t find his cat food?

Can you tell that Payne is thrilled with having his picture taken again???
Bailey needs to rest after checking out the new place!


My daughter has moved in with me. She is seven months pregnant and she was hospitalized last week for pain in her right side & contractions. After several tests and 3 days in the hospital, she is now home, but the pain is still there. She is now on bedrest for the next 2 months!

We were able to get several ultrasound pictures of my granddaughter. She weighs 4 lbs 4 oz and is doing fine!
Her name is Jaidyn (pronounced Jayden) . Doesn’t it look as if she is praying?
I have more pictures saved. Hopefully, I will do some posting this weekend! I also get my 6 year old grandson every weekend!! I thought we were supposed to take it easy when we got older???
Until next time,

5 thoughts on “A hodge podge post

  1. OH wow Jackie, I’m glad your daughter is ok, and is resting. I hope the remaining 2 months fly by without incident!The critters look like they’re enjoying the new house.I am definitely happy that Tom is back home. Enjoy your week!!! πŸ™‚

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