Patiently Waiting……….

Brighthouse came out Friday night, late, ofcourse! I am still without a televsion and phone line…I do have the internet~~except my computer went kaput~~~

So, while I wait from “The Cable Guy”, I am searching for a new puter, washer & dryer…..
Til next post, hopefully from my new laptop…I can upload some new pics of the new place!


3 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting……….

  1. Drat I was looking forward to seeing some photos of your new place. I know when one thing happens then it just starts rolling down hill doesn’t it? Just hang in there and you will be up and running like before. I just poped over to check on you, can’t work on my blog,my back is having a field day and I can’t sit very long.Don’t know how that happened!!Bobbie

  2. Oh doesn’t that just bite the big one, that your computer died! Hope you are back up and running soon, and that everything else is progressing at the new place smoothly.Hugs ~Susan

  3. Hi Jackie; How nice to meet you, I love your blog, and enjoyed reading you post’s. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind comment. I will be book marking your blog so I can visit again…. I hope your laptop works out for you, I just go nuts when my puter goes heywire… Hugs; Alaura

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