Just a quick Hello…….

To wish y’all a wonderful weekend! I will be staying in this evening waiting on the CABLE GUY~so I can start my blogging (finally).

Here are some pics from a free site called http://oldphotoalbum.blogspot.com. Free to upload and use~



3 thoughts on “Just a quick Hello…….

  1. Those are really neat old pics! Can you tell I’ve really gotten into my blogging?! LOL, it can be as addictive if not more so than Myspace. Mom is doing great (thanks for asking!), she drove to AZ last week and stayed here a few days – my sis and I are going out to AZ next week for a few days. I’ll bet you are anxious for this weekend so you can do all kinds of stuff at your new house!!!! 🙂 Have an awesome w/e!

  2. J. I just went to your blog and the first old picture sort of looks like Momin the real young pictures I have of her. Did you see a familiarity?It is the very first one. Linda….Yes, I posted this comment for my sis..She is new to blogging!

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