Lucy~~fied and Lucy is tired…If you know me personally "Lucy" is my alias!!

Well, I just got back to my old “cave”. Tired, sore and bruised. After six trips of transporting all of the small things, cleaning 2 bathrooms and the kitchen…unpacking dishes. Grannie is tired.But the new “space” is looking so awesome.

Isn’t is said that the majority of the accidents happen in the kitchen???? Well, atleast in my case it does!!!! I was locking all the doors, of course, without any lights on, in a new place, on all hardwood or tile floors! I tripped over a box of books in the dinette. BAMMMM, down I go. I dont know what I did to my left knee….but, I laid there in the dark for a few minutes and said just don’t let it be broken!!!

Somehow, I managed to get up, moved the box of books, crawled over to the light switch and flipped it on!!! Why didn’t I do that first? DUH….numb, dumb and tired! lol. Anyway, I locked up the house, drove back to the cave….now my right elbow is bruised!!!

Ok, left knee, right elbow, how in the dickens do I manage this???? Who knows, but I’m still smilin’ and achin…geez, I can’t wait til we move the BIG stuff tomorrow……Enuf said….I’m tired…..

Luv y’all! Will be checkin’ in during the week, I won’t have the “net” til next Friday night, so will be cleaning and decorating in the mean time!

Nighty NightJackie


2 thoughts on “Lucy~~fied and Lucy is tired…If you know me personally "Lucy" is my alias!!

  1. I so know what you mean about the moving process… I had to get out of my house within 2 weeks last July and the last day was the killer, getting everything loaded on the truck and on our way to Kansas! Whew, was I TIRED and bruised! Hang in there, it will be so worth it when you get all moved in. 🙂

  2. I just found your blog today. Hang in there, girl. I trip and fall all the time its really hard to tell someone how to tripped over coffee stains haha!! You will be enjoying coffee on your veranda like you have been living there for years soon.

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