I got it!!!

I hoped to have pics to post of all my flea finds and my furniture revamping. Those will come later!!!

I found a house today and I’m so happy, I just can’t believe it. I have been searching, searching, searching. I became so exhausted and frustrated…that I started praying and today it happened. Actually, it’s my employers’ childhood home!!

He called me into the office first thing this morning, I was so scared because work has been so slow that I thought he was going to lay me off. But, he offered me his home at a wonderful price!!! It’s Spanish type, fireplace, built-in’s, front porch, screened in Florida Room, all hardwoods, tons of storage and HARDWOOD FLOORS FROM THE 1920’S!!!! OMG, I’M ON CLOUD TWELVE!!! I will have tons of pics but it will be a few weeks, I get the keys tomorrow. My Explorer is already packed tonite!!!!! In 3 wks, I will drive to South Carolina to bring my daughter to live with me! Today has been so emotional, I just had to share!!!

Stay tuned for more of my Adventures!!! It’s all Good!!! God Bless.


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